Friday, July 27, 2007


Ew!!^^ I look weird!!

Hey! That's Josie!^^ She's here to help mom around the house and work at the restaurant. She's really cool. She's so much fun and always makes you laugh. She's leaving on August 21 though. Only about 25 more days. :'-(
I really don't want her to go. She doesn't want to go either. We keep joking about how she should marry Tomas (her boyfriend-she met him at the restaurant, he works in the kitchen) and move here. Haha. I really wish she could stay longer.

PS. If you enlarge the first picture by clicking on it, we have the same eye color. But in real life, they're different. that was random, I know. lol

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maxi-Then and Now



Well, there you see it, Maxi-Then and Now. Maxi used to look sort of demented. lol. His head, ears and eyes were huge but his body was tiny! Now he looks normal, and is always curled up somewhere. He got neutered a few days ago. He was very tired when we picked him up, and wasn't allowed to go outside for 2 days. He's very cute and absolutely loves when I pet him. He's so adorable. Okay, well that's all for today. Sorry I didn't post earlier, I was at my friend's house for 2 nights. Tomorrow (or next time I post)- Josie

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat Corner

Well, that's what the Cat Corner looks like. :-D Cleo was eating while I was taking the pictures so you get to see her too. hehe

Tomorrow: Maxi-Then and Now!! (Also, today he's getting neutered! He's gonna be a big boy now. Haha!)


Hey!! That's me up there^^( I took that yesterday, actually) with my cat, Cleo. We got her at Petsmart a few years ago... She eats, and sleeps in my room. Behind my bed is a "Cat Corner" and there she has a food bowl, water bowl, toy, and 2 beds. She only uses the colorful bed, and Mr.Bean (our other cat) uses the brown one. All the cats eat back there. ( We have four cats by the way, Cleo, Mr. Bean, Cupcake, and Maxi.) The Cat Corner pictures will come tomorrow. :-)

That's all for today!:-)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hey Guys! It's me, Anika. I got a blog because so many times I do something or take a picture of something and think, "This would be perfect for a blog!" So, here I am, with my new blog, I wonder how long I'll have it, because I delete blogs that I start a lot. The picture up there^^ is me. lol. There's better ones, I promise! Well, I'll start my real posts tomorrow, they'll either be posts with descriptions or just pictures with captions. :-)