Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring Day with the Horses

This was last Saturday, right before we took the electric fence pasture down and moved it into the backyard. We finished it yesterday and now we just need a battery for it. It's been so warm lately! But the night before last, it rained and now their paddock is all muddy. I hate it. And it was also the day after everything had dried from the last rain. grrrr.

Well, the horses are good! :) Except, the pony is a brat towards Oreo. He's bit him 3 times, and one of the times, it's pretty big. Yesterday, he tried to kick him while Carina was leading him out and Oreo lurched forward to get away, making Carina slam into the gate and now Carina has a cut too. *sigh*

Well, I'll be posting again soon. I have a random/weird post coming up about today, but I dunno if I'll post it today. So, keep checking back!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sammy-the new pony!

-He is Oreo's companion!
-He's 13 hh,
-we don't know what breed, (maybe hackney....)
-he's 20-25, probably more around the 20s
-named Sammy/Mighty Mouse/pony ( his name was Mighty Mouse, but Carina changed it to Sammy, but my mom still calls him Mighty Mouse, and I usually call him pony)
- boss over Oreo, but only because he got to our house first
-nickers SOO much when you walk up to the paddock
-got him on 5/5/08

Sorry I didn't do sentences, I don't feel like typing a lot. Also, check Oreo's blog soon! He's gonna be posting some pretty pictures soon!