Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good-bye and Hello!

Yes, I am leaving this blog. I'm going to leave it up, but not post anymore. It's too annoying to find time to write a paragraph about stuff, so I made a new blog called I Spy. On that one, I will post pictures of anything, but not write about it. So, please please please come by and leave comments, I will be posting on that one way more than on this one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, if any of you know my moms blog, then you probably saw this picture before, but since my camera was sent in to get fixed becasue it had a crack in it, and my sister won't let me use hers, I 'stole' this one from my mom. =] Oreo gets let out everyday for a few hours to free graze on our lawn. He knows that if he comes to our door he is guaranteed to get a treat or two or three or five...varying from teddy grahams to graham crackers to hard bread to apples, to waffle. haha (he really has eaten waffle, and liked it. =] ) So now whenever we let him our now he makes a beeline to the front door, and usually its open to let some fresh air in so we can all see him with his ears perked and begging for food. =]

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This post is long overdue, but I still decided to share it. These are from camp... I rode a horse named Grappa, aka the best horse ever! All my tent-mates were amazing and just all in all, camp is amazing. The first lesson with Grappa (we rode twice a day) he was really bad, and stuborn. I could barely get him to trot. But, all the other lessons, once he learned he couldn't get away with it, he was fantastic. Like, AWESOME. He would do whatever I asked, and he's also an AMAZING jumper. So, it was perfect. BUT, the last time I rode him, when my dad was watching, it was like we presses Rewind to the first lesson. It was trying to get a rock to jump. He didn't pay any attention to my leg or anything. It was really really disappointing. We were going to jump "the course" for the demo, which was like 10 jumps in a course that were all really high and there were triples and everything, but 8 classes wanted to do it for the demo, and only 3 could, so our group wasn't picked. SO, we had to do a stupid cavaletti course, which everyone was mad about. But, we were able to go into the jump course ring and jump "the wall." That's the third picture up there. ^^ I look really weird, because I could barely get him over it, it was so hard. I was exhausted and dissapointed. My good-byes were really sad, I didn't want to go. I had made such awesome friends. And Grappa. I rode Grappa two years ago at camp too, he's just so cool.

OK, that's all for nowwww. =]]

Sunday, September 7, 2008


This is Mirabel, a stray who comes to my dad's house everyday for her food, which she gets. Obviously, she's had a home before because she's not scared of people, she loves them! Look at the first picture, of me petting her, she loves it! It's also obvious that she doesn't have one anymore. She's skinny, dirty, and untaken care of. I think she is the prettiest cat ever. Not only because she is all white and long haired but because of her eyes. Enlarge the pictures to see better!!!!!! Aren't they gorgeous? Omg, I love them so much. She is just soo pretty, I can't believe she doesn't have a home.. :[
My cousin named her Mirabel. I think it suites her, cuz its like fancyish or proper, and she is like fancy.