Thursday, January 17, 2008

The You Make My Day Award!!


My MOM!!! Through it all Mom, you still have your chin up and I love to see your posts! Love you!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Hi Everyone!
Wow, it's been a long time and my friend, Michaela was over today and reminded me of that.

Oreo has moved to a different place. About 10 minutes from here. There was one boarder there who is also pretty much the barn manager and she has an almost 20-year old horse named Tiger. Something is wrong with his back legs so he cannot be ridden.
But anyway, Oreo and him are already best friends. We moved him there on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, they didn't want to be separated at all! It's really good for Oreo. There is sooooooooooo much room for him to walk/run around in. There's even a trail-thing in the back. It's awesome. You can go cantering forever. lol. I have some pics of my friend cantering him, but I have to upload them. I'm going again tomorrow to ride.
They also have about 6 goats, and 2 sheep. I have pictures of them too, laying down and jumping up on stall doors.... I only know some of their names. I'll tell them to you when I post pictures. My favorite is called Faith. But I call her Chubby cuz shes short and fat. haha

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know, it's pretty late, but I hope your holidays were great! hey, that rhymed!
Oh, I just remembered, there's also a cat at the barn that looks a little like my cat, Cleo and his name is Senor Gato which means Mr. Cat is spanish but we (me and lynn) just call him Senor.

Okay, well, I'm gonna post a lot of pictures one of these days....

Check my other blog for a guessing game thing!!