Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, if any of you know my moms blog, then you probably saw this picture before, but since my camera was sent in to get fixed becasue it had a crack in it, and my sister won't let me use hers, I 'stole' this one from my mom. =] Oreo gets let out everyday for a few hours to free graze on our lawn. He knows that if he comes to our door he is guaranteed to get a treat or two or three or five...varying from teddy grahams to graham crackers to hard bread to apples, to waffle. haha (he really has eaten waffle, and liked it. =] ) So now whenever we let him our now he makes a beeline to the front door, and usually its open to let some fresh air in so we can all see him with his ears perked and begging for food. =]

3 commentios:

Sarah said...

LOL. He looks like he's about to come in. :P

Hannah said...

LOL thats really funny!

Violet said...

lol thats so cute! its funny to think that those huge animals sometimes act like my little 1 foot tall dog... haha :)